WP 9: Dissemination and Contribution to Policy Processes

Results from a scientific project need to be communicated appropriately in order to achieve an impact. Three main channels of communication to be coordinated within have been identified, which reflect the habits of very different interest groups. In UNCNET, all of these are being coordinated in this work package. In the first channel, scientific results are will be shared via the classical instruments in science – conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications. The second channel aims to inform groups of general interest in science, like media, schools etc. and uses instruments such as social media and web page to share project results. Finally, an impact on policy processes can be achieved by directly contribute to policy processes. Active outreach to international policy processes focusing on environmental issues (Sustainable Development Goals, UN Habitat Assembly, and the UNEP project “Towards an International Nitrogen Management System – INMS”) will be a decisive element for the successful dissemination of project results.