WP 8: Urban Stakeholders

The WP aims to discuss the project results and develop practicable approaches and solutions to implement them in practice. This requires to gather support needed from people involved in the process and to bring together the relevant stakeholders from urban areas, especially city authorities. In the internal project logics, a special focus will be on the Austrian stakeholders. Within the framework of a structured stakeholder process, selected actors will be involved in the project in several workshops in the city of Vienna and in the small town of Klagenfurt in Carinthia / Austria. In this process stakeholders are being involved early to contribute to the design and shape the outcome of the research, but also take over responsibility and ownership. Actors include city authorities, NGOs and citizens’ representatives, companies, experts and planners as well as other interested parties. A recommendation paper will be prepared. Interaction with potential users of the concept of Urban Nitrogen Budgets and with other potentially affected parties (stakeholders) is a key concept of the UNCNET project. It will also be applied, in a less explicit manner than for Austria, in the other regions of investigation (Poland, China) to better understand input-output relationships and management options of individual stakeholders.