WP2: Model Framework

Creating the outline for the overall system model to describe urban nitrogen flows will be decisive to recombine inputs received from the respective project elements. In this work package, foundations will be laid early in the project for all other elements to provide their results in proper shape and format. The model framework will make sure that inputs are harmonized, rendered comparable, and mismatches reported back to the other work packages for refinement.

  • Using the open-source software STAN (Vienna University of Technology), a primary structure of relevant nitrogen flows in urban surroundings will be created. Concepts to consider import/exports of agricultural material and biogenic waste will be included, taking into consideration the specific situation of urban agriculture.
  • A concept of uncertainty will be developed to handle uncertain or redundant information consistently and understand its effect on the outcomes.
  • Harmonization of inputs will be achieved by providing feedback to budget elements (other work packages) on probable / improbable result.