WP 5: Urban Agriculture

Agriculture plays an important role in the urban N flow (Ma et al., 2014). The diverse flows of N will be investigated and guidance to assess them will be provided. In particular, the following specific urban challenges will be treated: specific urban crops, urban livestock systems, and the prevalence of import and export of food and feed as a central element of urban metabolism.

  • Estimations of the location and scale of different livestock production systems in the urban area and estimations of diet protein level and manure management situations in urban area will be used to quantifying changes of N flow and losses from the complicated urban livestock production chain.
  • The food and feed imported by cities as well as an estimation of N flow of external imported agricultural products will be quantified .
  • The coupling rate of crop and livestock production and an estimation of agricultural N flow though the cities will be quantified and the urban agricultural N flow will be linked with urban sustainable development goals.